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Mei Lanfang Classics Peking Opera

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Mei Lanfang Classics Peking Opera

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Sun 9 Apr 2017 19:30 280 380 480 480 680 680 880 880
Sun 16 Apr 2017 19:30 280 380 480 480 680 680 880 880
Wed 19 Apr 2017 19:30 280 380 480 480 680 680 880 880
Sun 23 Apr 2017 19:30 280 380 480 480 680 680 880 880

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Mei Lanfang Classics Peking Opera will be held at Zhengyici Theater on Everyday.

About Mei Lanfang
Mei Lanfang (1894~1961), born in a family of Peking Opera actors, began to learn the performing art at the age of eight, made his debut at the age of ten and became a super star in the 1910s, thus turning Dan (female roles) to a prominent role of Peking Opera. In his dramatic career of 60 years, Mei Lanfang performed and created over 200 plays, making his contributions to the singing patters, speaking lines, dance, music, costumes and make-up and gradually forming his unique style, the so called ‘Mei School’. On a par with Stanislavsky (USSR) and Brecht (Germany), he is known as a representative of the Chinese performing arts school.

Programme List(Subject to change)

GUI FEI ZUI JIU (Drunken Princess)
Emperor Ming makes an appointment with Princess Yang to enjoy the flowers and drink the wine. Princess gets the banquet ready but the emperor has gone to another Princess’s palace. Princess Yang is annoyed and has to drink by herself until she gets drunk.

MU GUIYING GUA SHUAI (Taking Command of Troops)
When the lord of West Xia starts a rebellion, the female general Mu Guiying takes command of the troops again at the age of fifty. This play is the acme of Mei School and the last play of Meilanfang through his life.

TIAN NV SAN HUA (Sylph Scattering Flowers)
The Buddha orders the heavenly maid to scatter the blossoms in Vimalakirtinirdesa’s room in order to test his faith. The heavenly maid scatters the blossoms in front of Vimalakirt inirdesa and proclaims the Buddha’s words before she returns to the west.

BA WANG BIE JI (Farewell to Princess Yu)
Xiang Yu, Hegemon king of West Chu, is encircled by the king of Han. Hegemon king’ Princess, Yu, drinking the wine and dancing with the sword, commits suicide. Afterwards, Hegemon king says farewell to his war-horse and kills himself by the Wujiang River.

Legend of the Luo River Goddess
Mi was the most beautiful girl in Fuxi tribe who lived at riverside. She jumped into the torrents and turned into Goddess Luo for the peace of her tribe. Her lover Zhi was transformed into a dead tree. A thousand years passed soon, but the true love remained eternally. The love between Zhi and Mi was not affected by tyrant Hebo. They were forced to separate, though their hearts were tightly bonded. Eventually, they had to express their love in the dream and leave us a memorable legend.

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What payment methods do you have?

Usually, we provide payment methods as follows, but for different performances, different sales policies, please refer to the notice of each performance.

Online payment methods:
1、Online banking of many Chinese banks (both debit card and credit card)
2、Payment platform: ALIPAY, Wechat scan transfer
3、Foreign cards: Master Card, Visa, JCB and American Express.

Offline payment methods:
Also, you can come to our office to buy directly, click here to check our branches’ address.

Pre-sale & On sale

When tickets are on pre-sale,that means customers can pay for reservation only, and when tickets become on-sale, the physical tickets will be issued, and we will arrange the seats in a priority sequence of paying successfully. If there are any tickets left after that, customers can buy directly then.

For some big events, seat map cannot be issued when tickets are on pre-sale and since tickets quantity depends on organizers or venues, sometimes the reservation might be canceled, when that happens, we have to arrange refund work to those who have paid successfully. However, we will always try our best to satisfy our customers’ demand.

Can I choose a seat?

Usually, seat plan will be issued after tickets are on-sale. So when tickets are accepting reservation, customers can only pay for the tickets, and when tickets becomes on-sale, our staff will arrange the seats in a priority sequence of paying successfully.
If there is “buy on map” button, then you can choose the seat from the available seats.

Will my seats be together?

Usually, tickets purchased in one order will be seated together.

I live abroad, how can I buy and get my tickets? Can you deliver tickets to abroad?

For safety reasons, we now do not provide delivery to abroad service. We suggest customers choose “pick up by myself”when purchasing online, and then come to specified Damai branch to collect tickets before the show.

Can I ask my friend to collect tickets on behalf me?

Yes, but your friend is required to show the following documents:
1、Your passport and the credit card you use when purchase;
2、Your friend’s ID or passport.
3、Our staff will contact you to confirm again before hand over tickets.

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