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Mozart-L’opera Rock in Beijing

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Purchasing tickets price for 1080/880/680 on weekday and 1180/980/780 on weekend can enjoy 10% discount before Sep.22, 2018.
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Mozart-L’opera Rock in Beijing

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Beijing Time:
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Date Price Categories (RMB)
Sat 23 Feb 2019 14:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sat 23 Feb 2019 19:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sun 24 Feb 2019 14:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sun 24 Feb 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Tue 26 Feb 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Wed 27 Feb 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Thu 28 Feb 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Fri 1 Mar 2019 19:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sat 2 Mar 2019 14:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sat 2 Mar 2019 19:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sun 3 Mar 2019 14:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sun 3 Mar 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Tue 5 Mar 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Wed 6 Mar 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Thu 7 Mar 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080
Fri 8 Mar 2019 19:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sat 9 Mar 2019 14:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sat 9 Mar 2019 19:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sun 10 Mar 2019 14:30 180 380 580 780 980 1180
Sun 10 Mar 2019 19:30 99 280 480 680 880 1080

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Mozart-L’opera Rock will be held at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center from Feb.22 to Mar.10, 2019.

The performance is in French with Chinese subtitles.

If you choose the "self-pickup" option, which means you need to come to our Beijing office to pick up the tickets, NOT the venue.
Here is our office address:
Beijing Headquarters: 7th Floor, No.32 Building, Dongzhong street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.
Business Hour:Monday-Sunday:9AM-6PM.

The Hottest Musical in The Universe
French Musical Mozart-L'opera Rock Will Soon Be Released

Mozart-L'opera Rock is addictive, you couldn’t stop once start consuming it   一 From a fan of Mozart-L'opera Rock
It’s a real revolution to whole muiscal industry! ——From a media reportor

Crazy!Hot!This Mozart,It’s Really Different!
This is a French pop-rock musical portraying the legendary art life of musician Mozart,which uses both original pop-rock compositions as well as classical music composed by Mozart. With bold rock music and classical Baroque-styled costume, combining modern representation technique as well as magnificent European court stage design, this show perfectly illustrate the incomparable talent of Mozart in an innovative way. He is romantic and charming, preferring to voluntarily express his feelings towards his lover instead of holding back. Meanwhile, he looks like virginal and artless when he shows up under a couple of young ladies skirt at the beginning of the scene. This Mozart acts in a different way who is young and reckless and presents awkward and unskilled courtesy. He claims at the opening of the show, “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, at your service”!

However, when he suffers from the misery including the death of family members, the envy from peers, the betray from lover, the illness and poverty, he is distress and wrenched. He is no longer the amazing genius. He walks down the altar and meantime memorized by history record.

A Real Revolution to Whole Muiscal Industry
French Musical Mozart-L'opera Rock has European musical’s magnificent stage design and French musical’s unique interior monologue. The play is exquisite as well as delicate, featuring the life of crazy Mozart. Mozart-L'opera Rock has been released at Shanghai Culture Square from Jan.2 to Jan.14, 2018. Tickets sold out in the first round minutely and almost whole seats were covered completely at the showtime. Screaming and applause filled with the great hall. Fans praised the show which has a colorful story, a couple of prominent characters and fantastic visual effect. Moreover, the musical is viewed as a real revolution to whole muiscal industry by professionals and media.

Combine classical Baroque-styled visual effect with modern rock music   Innovative Aesthetics overthrow the musical industry
French is the home of romanticism. And it’s a country admires freedom, liberty and democracy. Therefore, French loves wine, romance and beauty. It’s no doubt that Mozart-L'opera Rock is a special case compared with the most of French musicals with a slow pace. It floods the rushing freshly blood of the nation, young Mozart kisses all the actresses and actors in the stage at the begining of the show. He lightens the audience’heart in an instant.

If death is a must, Why shoudn’t we indulge ourselves?
The musical starts with the young, 17-year-old Mozart. It then uses rock music to introduce the opportunities and difficulties he encountered when he struggled to earn acknowledgement in the world of music. From his hometown Salzburg to Mannheim, from Paris to Vienna, his musical talent led him to break free from the prejudice people held towards German operas and the limitation of his time. He dedicated his life to his gift. While Salieri, Mozart’s rival in the musical, be bestowed the honor of choirmaster of the Imperial Chapel, Mozart won the immortal respect in the eye of history.

Amazing Awards
●The musical premiered on 22 September 2009 at the Palais des Sports de Paris and caused a huge sensation.

●It later went on tour in France, Japan, Korea, Ukraine and Russia, becoming a global phenomenon.

●The complete album was one of the best-selling records in France for 20 weeks and attract audience from all age groups, remaining number one in sales for five weeks.

●The sales of album remained in the top 5 for 11 weeks.

●Mozart-L'opera Rock was rewarded three NRJ Music Awards in 2010: Group / duo / French cast of the year; French discovery of the year for Florent Mothe; French song of the year for L'assasymphonie

●The single “Tatoue-moi” was number one in sales for five weeks in SNEP

●Mozart-L'opera Rock was realised on Jan,2018 in Shanghai Culture Square, showing 24 times and solding out whole tickets.

●Fans bought 24 tickets and rent one-month house living near the theatre

Strongly Recommendate ‘Posionous’Songs
From the 2009 premire to now, French musical Mozart-L'opera Rock has gone through a decade period of time . No matter Mozart or Salieri’s famous pieces, we have finished the intercourse with this genius musician in the air across 227 years when we loop these songs in the recorder.
Le bien qui fait mal perfectly presents Salieri’s wrenched and sophisticated emotion when he first listened Mozart’s music.
《Le bien qui fait mal》  ※※※※※ Five-mark recommendation
Le bien qui fait mal has a brisk and delighted melody to confide Mozart’s affection towards Paris when he first arrived at there.
《纹我 Tatoue-moi》 ※※※※※ Five-mark recommendation
L'assasymphonie, I devote tonight to symphony and requiem, I curse all the lovers, I confess it wothout regret.
《杀戮交响曲(L'assasymphonie)》 ※※※※※ Five-mark recommendation
《小星星变奏曲》, The song is played when Constance shows up.
《小星星变奏曲》※※※※※ Five-mark recommendation

What payment methods do you have?

Usually, we provide payment methods as follows, but for different performances, different sales policies, please refer to the notice of each performance.

Online payment methods:
1、Online banking of many Chinese banks (both debit card and credit card)
2、Payment platform: ALIPAY, Wechat scan transfer
3、Foreign cards: Master Card, Visa, JCB and American Express.

Offline payment methods:
Also, you can come to our office to buy directly, click here to check our branches’ address.

Pre-sale & On sale

When tickets are on pre-sale,that means customers can pay for reservation only, and when tickets become on-sale, the physical tickets will be issued, and we will arrange the seats in a priority sequence of paying successfully. If there are any tickets left after that, customers can buy directly then.

For some big events, seat map cannot be issued when tickets are on pre-sale and since tickets quantity depends on organizers or venues, sometimes the reservation might be canceled, when that happens, we have to arrange refund work to those who have paid successfully. However, we will always try our best to satisfy our customers’ demand.

Can I choose a seat?

Usually, seat plan will be issued after tickets are on-sale. So when tickets are accepting reservation, customers can only pay for the tickets, and when tickets becomes on-sale, our staff will arrange the seats in a priority sequence of paying successfully.
If there is “buy on map” button, then you can choose the seat from the available seats.

Will my seats be together?

Usually, tickets purchased in one order will be seated together.

I live abroad, how can I buy and get my tickets? Can you deliver tickets to abroad?

For safety reasons, we now do not provide delivery to abroad service. We suggest customers choose “pick up by myself”when purchasing online, and then come to specified Damai branch to collect tickets before the show.

Can I ask my friend to collect tickets on behalf me?

Yes, but your friend is required to show the following documents:
1、Your passport and the credit card you use when purchase;
2、Your friend’s ID or passport.
3、Our staff will contact you to confirm again before hand over tickets.

    1. Delivery is not available within 3 days before the performance.Customers can choose self pick-up at Damai office.
    1. Customers who choose ‘Buy On Map’ to buy ticket are limited to six tickets. Customers who choose ‘Quick Buy’ to buy ticket are limited to 20 tickets.
    1. Children are admitted with tickets!
    1. The performance in French with Chinese subtitles.
    1. Temporarily out of Stock. Add to wish list.