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Wanku family enlightenment of Chinese quintessence-Shadow Puppet like Masterpieces

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Wanku family enlightenment of Chinese quintessence “Shadow Puppet like Masterpieces”

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Wanku family enlightenment of Chinese quintessence-Shadow Puppet like Masterpieces will be held at BANDAI NAMCO Shanghai Base FUTURE HOUSE on Aug.5, 2018.

Ticket refund/exchange is not possible for this event once the purchase is made. In the event of not being able to attend due to personal reasons, the situation shall be dealt with by customers themselves. Sorry about the inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

Tiger in a threatening manner
Flying Monkey King
Nezha, The third Prince who can brew storms on rivers and seas
An omnipotent magic stage
Keeping the kids happy

Get into the Chinese Quintessence Touch the Classic
The secret of backstage would be revealed
All kinds of featured gifts
Biggest shadow screen in Shanghai
Watch good plays with children
that both grandparents have watched

Performance Time: May 27, 2018  Sunday  10:30 a.m./ 14:00 p.m.
Theatre: Namco Bandai Shanghai Cultural Arts Center (2 floor) future Theater
Address: No. 179 Yichang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Time length: the performance and interaction are about 65 minutes long.
Fare: RMB 380  RMB 280
Suitable for audience age: 3 years old +
Publisher: Wanku    performance: Brother's Shadow Theater

Director Zhang Jiansheng
Graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy
Former actor and creator of the puppet troupe.
Former stage director of the Japanese Shadow Masters Group
Senior Child Drama Producer, produced more than 10 Children's Dramas
Project Director of CCTV Children's Spring Festival "Sesame Street"

Highlights 1: art treasure handed down for a thousand Years
The shadow puppet show has a long history, it started in the Western Han Dynasty, become popular in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Qing Dynasty. Shadow puppet show a unique art form created by the ingenious combination of Chinese folk crafts and operas. It is also the precursor to the subsequent invention of the film. "small stage, great wisdom" For thousands of years, the shadow puppet not only been deeply loved by Chinese of various ages, but also often been used to entertain domestic and foreign guests. It is a bright pearl of Chinese art.

In 2011, China shadow puppet was officially listed in representatives of human intangible cultural heritage.

Masterpieces is a compulsory course for all Chinese children.

In five thousand years of Chinese history, masterpiece classics and fantasy myths, all of them contain profound art education.
Worried boring text? Worried about the depth of the plot? There is no need to worry about.

The omnipotent stage allows the classic deeply imprinted on the children's hearts !

Here, monsters, carriages, horses and sedans can be made! Cutting mountains,pouring the sea into the earth, flying and penetrating into the ground can be shown!

Coupled with all kinds of shadow special effects and sound and light effects, it is more than  "incisively and vividly".

shadow puppet story 1: "Wu Song Fight Against Tiger"

Brief introduction: Liang Shan hero Wu Song met and killed a tiger in Chingyang Ridge on his way home to visit his brother when he was drunk, removed a big trouble for the local inhabitant. His story was handed down, Wu Song become the hero in people's hearts.

Brother's shadow puppet theater
Inherit intangible cultural heritage
Carry forward the national art.

Shadow puppet story 2: "Sun Wukong fight with Hong Haier"
Brief introduction: The monk Tang and his three apprentices came to a fire cloud cave. There was a monster in the cave,his name was Hong Haier. He had practiced in the cave for three hundred years and he can make terrible fire.  In order to protect the master not to be eaten by Hong Haier, Sun Wukong fight against Hong Haier.

Shadow puppet story three: "Little Nezha Fights Great Dragon Kings"
Brief introduction: NeZha like martial arts,he learned martial arts at an early age, one day, while he was playing on the beach with other kids, He saw the third Dragon Prince of East China Sea was cruelly injuring ordinary people and children. Filled with righteous indignation,NeZha stepped down East Crystal Palace, caught the third Dragon prince and scraped his scales, became the hero as a child in the myth .

Highlight 2: Uncover backstage secret, see shadow puppet from very close distance, with interactive activities!!
For the first time,  te screen will have a 180 ° switch to tell about the secret of backstage of shadow play carefully.

It takes years of strenuous efforts and practice to put on a bravura performance. Once the kids understand how artists dig the mountain,make water, fly on the cloud, their shiny eyes tell you how amazing our millennial culture is.

Shadow puppet interaction: backstage secret exposure

What skin is the shadow puppet made of ?
Why is it particularly important to make a shadow puppet without interruption?
The " knowledge learning" stage will give the children answers!

Highlight 3 : watch the play, get gifts, and become a skilled little craftsman!
Every child can get a gift . They need to finish it at home at the company of adults, you can enjoy family time with DIY shadow puppet.

Wanku give out gifts
DIY shadow puppet
Each child can get a DIY shadow puppet after scan the code when enter the theater at the day of performance.
Various styles shadow puppets(as per styles at the site) would be given out at random

Shadow puppet artist Fan Jinjuan
Beijing shadow puppet theater actor.
Participated in the production of many excellent works such as The Legend of Old Summer Palace  Sun Wukong Fight Against Sun Wukong   The Magical Brush  The Search for Anti-Japanese Heroes  and other excellent works
Honorary award
Gold award of national shadow puppet show in 2010
Best performance award in 2011 Beijing Culture Expo
First prize of The 9th Shandong Joint Performance in 2017.
Been invited to participate in CCTV's  Avenue of Stars  Zhejiang satellite TV's  Chinese Dream Show
phoenix TV's A Date with Luyu

Shadow puppet artist Tian Chenguang
Actor of Beijing shadow puppet theater, performed 2000 shows in last 10 years
Leading creator and actor of large shadow puppet shows including the legend of Old Summer Palace  Sun yat-sen in youth  Sun Wukong fight against Sun Wukong   Snow White etc.
director of the Legend of Dragon King Li   Heaven and Earth  Legend of furnace God  and other excellent works
Honorary award
Gold award of national shadow puppet show in 2010
Best performance award in 2011 Beijing Culture Expo
First prize of The 9th Shandong Joint Performance in 2017.
Been invited to participate in CCTV's  I Want Go to Spring Festival Evening Show  "Avenue of Stars" "Open Doors"
Zhejiang satellite TV's  Chinese Dream Show  Phoenix TV's A Date with Luyu and so on.

Shadow puppet artist Guo Mengjun
Actor of Shandong Qi Yun theater
Actor of  Legend of Dragon King Li  Heaven and Earth  Legend of furnace God   Nezha Conquers the Dragon King  and other excellent works
Honorary award
First prize of The 9th Shandong Joint Performance in 2017.
Been invited to participate in Programs such as Shandong TV 's  Let the Dream Fly
Qilu TV 's Good Luck  and other programs

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