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Martial Art in Dance - WUShu

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Martial Art in Dance - WUShu

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Martial Art in Dance - WUShu will be held at Shanghai International Dance Center - Grand Theater from Jan.19 to Jan.20, 2018.

One is the child of the Tao, i.e. the divine law. After one comes two, after two comes three, and after three come all things. After all things come into being, they reduce back to the Tao.

Chinese Character “武” for Martial Art, or Kongfu, or Fight Pronounces “Wu”, is originated from pronunciation of “舞”/Dance which is also “Wu”.

Every dancer knows the dynamic motion and static status, placing themselves in between the human confusions and inquiries to the universe over the questions of spirituality. Dancers become fighters when they are armed with weapons ofall kinds hidden in them to wait for the moment to fight; while fighters offload their weapons and follow certain movement pattern, then they become dancers who transform all iron hard and sharp edges into gently flowing motions. Those who can stop the war and fight are genuine martial artists/fighters; when such martial art was performed to the rhythm of music,the art of dance came into being. Every martial artist knows when to attack and when to defend, highly emphasizing the connection between the ego and external world; Martial Artists and Dancers in Chinese are phonetically analogous, withdistinct presentations but the same root. Their hands are as swift and unconstrained as meteors and eyes as sharp and powerful as lightning bolt. Philosophies of dancers and fighters are interconnected, both follow the law of universe, and they both present themselves in body movements like flying sinuous dragon and in moving legs like penetrating arrows.

“Shu” is the Tao, also the divine law. Following the Yin and Yang Energies that composed the Universe come the exchange of fights, meets of lovers or consummation, the cause, the process, the twists and turns, apart and reunion, all of which are connected with human body and spirituality.

“The Martial Art in Dance/ ‘WUShu’” was the only dance work to have been honorably invited at China Shanghai International Arts Festival. This work also marks a brand new try of Director Zhaoliang after his Spirituality and Desire Trilogy. Through observation on Taichi Chuan, Cha Chuan, on exchange cold arms like broadswords, spears, rods and swords, physical contacts, fusions of the two interacting roles, one finds the balance and privity of fight or dance between rigidness and gentleness, Yin and Yang, apart and reunion, start and end.

About the director
Zhaoliang is one of the most excellent dance artists in Contemporary China. He has the inborn acumen and sensitivity towards dance. After a host of pioneering creations and explorations, he developed his own kind of art concept and stage style the same as no one. In his works, one can see the independence and thinking of young generation artists in China who have different way of deconstruction and expression. In his Oriental Spirituality and Desire Trilogy: <《警幻绝》>< The Tea Spell><双下山> are his interpretations to Orient language and to his own surroundings. These three pieces are originated from different backgrounds- the visions to Infinite Land of Origin from A Dream in Red Mansions, Expressions from The Ocean of Sins, the Kunqu Opera classics, and the fantasies goes untamed inspired from Famen Buddhist Temple Relics. Through the rebuild and deconstruction of these elements, Zhaoliang integrated oriental aesthetics and dance language into them, something like a metaphor to convey the message, contemplate the question why human inquire the universe and leave a philosophical questions to audience.

Through Zhaoliang’s work, audience can feel the infinity of his spiritual world, moreover, feel the height and depth in his pursuit for arts. He fused his Essence, Energy and Spirit and natural beings of the universe into human body, then they flow to each physical sense, body meridian and all points while the complex minds gathered, simplified and rested at the center of the heart. The time all energies take initial shape is called “Fire Moment” just as if you are in the performance starting to generate a “Genuine Seed”. Neither Taoism nor Zen answered “the divine law of Universe”. But “the Martial Art in Dance/ ‘WUShu’”,  the only honorably invited dance work to be on the stage of China Shanghai International ArtsFestival, will offer a unique interpretation on the insights of “Taichi”.

“The Martial Art in Dance/ ‘WU’Shu” is so termed by combining first character from “Dance”/舞蹈” and second character from “Martial Art/Kongfu/Fight”/武术. Actually, Dance and “Martial Art/Kongfu/Fight” are originally have something subtle to do with each other. Dance is the most ancient and primary form of human arts. In ancient times, people used dance to convey messages. “舞”, the first character of  “舞蹈”, the “Dance” in Chinese, refers to the behaviors to use body to express emotions, thinking and beauty. And “Martial Art/Kongfu/Fight”/武术is also originated from body as human use body to attack or defend. “武”, the first character of “武术”, the “Martial Art” in Chinese, defined the boundary of interpersonal space, uphold to control ones’ mind and act as well as to study deep into this “art”. Both of them are forms to express ourselves through the medium of human body. Zhaoliang Studio brought “the Martial Art in Dance/ ‘WUShu’” to us, a boundary crossing art that combines modern dance and Chinese Kongfu into a brand new art form, aiming at publicizing the Traditional Chinese Culture.

In order to show more professional Kongfu in this work, Zhaoliang Studio specially invited Master Wu Bin, the Master Shifu for Jet Let and Jason Wu, the two famous Kongfu Actors, to be the Kongfu Instructor. Among the crew of “the Martial Art in Dance/ ‘WUShu’”, there are several very young dancers who are also Kongfu professionals. They will for sure bring horizon-springing and sensational experience to the audience by the chemicals “Kongfu” and “Dance".

“The Martial Art in Dance/ ‘WUShu’” directed by Zhaoliang consists of distinctive elements while in spirit they highly converge. The two different forms obtain individual experience from their own philosophy – to play the Kongfu by Danceand to refer Dance by Kongfu, breaking the boundary. With the concept of body architecture in modern dance, we borrowed the powerful mind to separate contemporary Kongfu from competitive sports, to keep its essence, energy andspirit, and to fuse into Dance for an enchanting works.

“The Martial Art in Dance/‘WUShu’” is an attempt to new interpretation to and heritage of traditional Chinese Culture. “To leave out its form and retain the essence” is the intention of Zhaoliang to produce such a work. Dancers get the energy better flowed in the body in the formula of Taichi, just like an artistic metaphor, analogy to the techniques of Thick, Thin, Dry and Wet in Chinese brush painting, thus drawing a fine line between similarities and differences. It broke the inertia of Kongfu Routines as Kongfu Fighters softened the barriers of attacks and defenses, bided farewell to the constraints of forms, attained the realm of new pleasure and returned to the origin of spirituality and physical being.

Art Consultant: Luo Bin
Action Consultant: Wu Bin
Director: Zhao Liang
Project Manager: Piao Wenxue
Art Coordinator: Liu He
Lighting Design: Chen Jianming
Stage Design: Wu Di
Composing & Mixing: thruoutin
Executive Sounding: Mao Liang
Costume-making: Chen Tao
Make-up & Image Design: Wang Jia
Stage Director: Tang Jilong
Rehearsal Director: Cao Peizhong
Poster Photography: SuperStudio
Costumes in Poster: Bai Peng
Calligraphy in Poster: Xu Jing
Poster Design: Anna
Hand Drawn Poster: fan SACK
Photographer for Rehearsal: Moon
Video Filming: Hu Yifan
Video Cutting: Chen Minhong
Taichi Boxing Instructor: Li Xinyu
Cha Boxing Instructor: Xue Tailai

Cudgel play: Li Yu
Fencing: Gong Xingxing
Broadsword play: Zhang Kun
Spear play: Zhang Zhenguo
Fencing: Liao Yuanwu
Broadsword play: Li Nan
Tai Chi: Cao Peizhong
DJ/Live Pipa Playing & DJ: thruoutin
Live Cello Playing: Song Zhao

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