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​The Magic Flute - A Production of the Komische Oper Berlin

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​The Magic Flute - A Production of the Komische Oper Berlin

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Beijing Time:
The Magic Flute - A Production of the Komische Oper Berlin will be held at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center from Jul.21 to Jul.23, 2017.

As the particularity, tickets sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
The performance in German with Chinese subtitles.
The ticket price 2080/1680/1380/1080 has package tickets, which is: 4699(2080*2);3999(1680*2);3399(1380*2);2999(1080*2)and gift(2 Tickets + Backstage visit + Opera Lecture + Autographed Programe Brochure + T-Shirt +  Cocktail Party )
Customer who buy the package tickets can enjoy the rights:
1. Our Staff will inform you the detail time of Opera Lecture,Backstage visit and Cocktail Party before one month of the performance
2. After imformed by our Staff, customer can get the VIP card at the ticket box reception with tickets, and you can attend Opera Lecture,Backstage visit and Cocktail Party with VIP card and tickets.
3. The T-shirt and autographed programe brochure can be got at the venue reception with the tickets on that day.
4. Package Ticket Discount: 3688(2080*2);3088(1680*2);2488(1380*2);1988(1080*2)

The new Magic Flute at the Komische Oper has created an absolute furore – and not just in Berlin! In Los Angeles, Minneapolis and at the Deutsche Opera on the Rhine, this production has been greeted with euphoric enthusiasm by both audiences and the Press.“Barrie Kosky has transformed the Magic Flute into a stunning live-action cartoon, so bewitching as to silence every criticism,“ [Los Angeles Times].

The British theatre group 1927 and Barrie Kosky have pulled off "a deliciously absurd blend of silent film and animation," [Berliner Morgenpost]. “You are amazed by the perfection, you laugh in appreciation of the virtuoso design behind each of these scenes... Breath-taking!”
“A show that oozes technical accomplishment, and there's no doubt, with a debut as slick as this, that these young artists have a bright future ahead of them.” The Age, Melbourne
Who is 1927?

1927 is a London based performance company that specializes  in combining performance and live music with animation and film to create magical filmic theatre. Celebrated at home and overseas, the Company was founded in 2005 by Writer, Performer & Director Suzanne Andrade and Animator & Illustrator Paul Barritt.  In 2006, Performer & Costume Designer Esme Appleton and Performer, Composer & Musician Lillian Henley joined and  in 2007, Producer Jo Crowley began collaborating with the   company.  All  four  creative  members  of  1927  come  from  different  artistic backgrounds, and it is the collaboration between these artists and the complete integration of artistic  disciplines, that has paved the way for 1927 to create it’s unique, innovative and highly original work.

At the heart of 1927’s practice is the desire to explore the relationship between live actor and animation to  create dynamic and innovative live theatre.  1927 fuse, merge and mix creative mediums to create a unique  performance style.  The company has developed an approach to  combining the mediums of film,  performance and music to great effect, both technically and conceptually; pushing the forms the company  works in to new and exciting places.  1927 has mastered a delicate marriage of live music, animation, film,  performance and song -taking  disparate  elements  and  making  them  work  in  harmony  to  create  unique  theatrical experiences.

“A Production of the KomischeOper Berlin

Conductor:                            N.N.
Director:                              Suzanne Andrade, Barrie Kosky
Animations:                           Paul Barritt
Concept:                                “1927”(Suzanne Andrade and Paul Barritt) and Barrie Kosky
Set, Costumes                      Esther Bialas
Dramaturgy:                        Ulrich Lenz
Choir:                                   David Cavelius
Soloist cast:                         tbc……
Chorsolisten of the KomischeOper Berlin”

What payment methods do you have?

Usually, we provide payment methods as follows, but for different performances, different sales policies, please refer to the notice of each performance.

Online payment methods:
1、Online banking of many Chinese banks (both debit card and credit card)
2、Payment platform: ALIPAY, Wechat scan transfer
3、Foreign cards: Master Card, Visa, JCB and American Express.

Offline payment methods:
Also, you can come to our office to buy directly, click here to check our branches’ address.

Pre-sale & On sale

When tickets are on pre-sale,that means customers can pay for reservation only, and when tickets become on-sale, the physical tickets will be issued, and we will arrange the seats in a priority sequence of paying successfully. If there are any tickets left after that, customers can buy directly then.

For some big events, seat map cannot be issued when tickets are on pre-sale and since tickets quantity depends on organizers or venues, sometimes the reservation might be canceled, when that happens, we have to arrange refund work to those who have paid successfully. However, we will always try our best to satisfy our customers’ demand.

Can I choose a seat?

Usually, seat plan will be issued after tickets are on-sale. So when tickets are accepting reservation, customers can only pay for the tickets, and when tickets becomes on-sale, our staff will arrange the seats in a priority sequence of paying successfully.
If there is “buy on map” button, then you can choose the seat from the available seats.

Will my seats be together?

Usually, tickets purchased in one order will be seated together.

I live abroad, how can I buy and get my tickets? Can you deliver tickets to abroad?

For safety reasons, we now do not provide delivery to abroad service. We suggest customers choose “pick up by myself”when purchasing online, and then come to specified Damai branch to collect tickets before the show.

Can I ask my friend to collect tickets on behalf me?

Yes, but your friend is required to show the following documents:
1、Your passport and the credit card you use when purchase;
2、Your friend’s ID or passport.
3、Our staff will contact you to confirm again before hand over tickets.

Live Chat
    1. Delivery is not available within 3 days before the performance. We highly suggest customers come to our office to buy tickets then.
    1. Customers who choose ‘Buy On Map’ to buy ticket are limited to six tickets.Customers who choose ‘Quick Buy’ to buy ticket are limited to 20 tickets.
    1. Children under 1.2m in height are NOT admitted, beyond 1.2m are admitted with tickets!
    1. The performance in German with Chinese subtitles.
    1. As the particularity, tickets sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
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